Month: September 2018

Violent Romance

Musician and producer August Jakobsen, aka Violent Romance and APP, slows electronic beats way down, using atmospheric keys and dubby pulses to create deep chill out with a twist. The August experience is organic and understated, as spacious ambient sounds entwine with soulful vocals and textured, subtle melodies. He is also a part of the …

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Pepe Suárez, aka Unknowk, is a DJ and producer originating from Almería, in the south of Spain, where he discovered his passion for electronic music more than 12 years ago. Unknowk truly loves house music, from deep to tech, and from the heart to the dance floor. In 2010, Unknowk moved into production, using his …

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T.W.I.C.E. originates as a collaboration between V.Rotz and Skinnybone Love, both artists born out of Flumo Netlabel. Skinnybone Love ( aka Photoclick ) has developed his work within the most ambient and experimental side of electronic music. For his part, V.Rotz ( aka Nicson ) has always focused his production firmly on the dance-floor. The …

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Suso Flores

Born In A Coruña, Suso Flores migrated to London in 2005 to evolve musically and to study what he loves most. Since then, Suso has taken a more technical approach and has used his deeper knowledge of music to present his emotion through his songs. He has played DJ and live sets around Europe in …

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Oiram Gar

Mario Garcia Alegre, aka Oiram Gar, began his career playing downbeat and deep-house in the pioneering venues of Spain’s two cultural hubs; Madrid and Barcelona. However, it was a move to the musical melting pot of London in 2002 that allowed him to make his name and had a significant impact on Mario’s already eclectic …

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Norman Weber

Norman Weber is a member of the well known Berlin-based house DJ duo Luna City Express. From time to time, he is available for selected Deep House shows under his own name. Norman Weber is a resident DJ at the club Muna for years.


Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Klady began his musical adventure as a bass guitarist in Cairo’s growing rock and indie scene. Experimenting with synths and drum machines he was quickly drawn by the freedom offered by electronic music, starting his own production and an electronic music band by 2005. The pivotal moment in this …

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Holed Coin

Holed Coin is born from two opposing musical tendencies: José’s electronic music production and María’s classical music education. Thanks to a shared passion for jazz and blues, the two producers decided to embark together on this unique musical project. Holed Coin incorporates jazz, blues, soul, and everything that surrounds them. Their tracks reflect their broad …

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Hassan Abou Alam

Hassan Abou Alam (Egypt) got his start on the Rapid Fire Records imprint at the age of 15 and now, 6 years later, has emerged as a world-class producer specializing in the darker side of the techno genre. Hassan’s dark brooding techno has always been inspired by Larry Powers (MIDI Life Records Owner) who he …

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Ezequiel Sanchez

Ezequiel Sánchez was born in Cáceres, Spain, in 1977. At an early age, he moved to Seville where he first came in contact with electronic music. In 1998 he began experimenting with production using Fasttracker II software, creating his first non-published demos. Personal reasons kept Ezequiel away from the music for several years, but he …

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