Month: April 2020

Paco Malasombra


From 2002 until today, between lights and shadows, Paco Malasombra has played in many clubs around Spain like Row14, Apolo Club, Begood (Barcelona), Destino Pacha (Ibiza), and Industrial Copera (Granada) among others.   He has also played in festivals like Sonar+D, Rocket Festival, Explum, ExpoDj BCN, WoodsPark, Harmonia, FreshPark. As a producer, Paco is a regular …

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Suru Plustwo

Hailing from London, with African heritage, Suru Plustwo stands out. Never afraid to ‘go deep’ or keep it ‘light and bouncy’, he picks apart, and artfully infuses together, all the kinds of music he loves best. Primarily, his musical influence stems from his upbringing in the cultural melting pot which is London. Vast sounds from …

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