Just Enough

Just Enough - Violent Romance

Funky, soulful and beautifully simple, best describes NifuNifa Records latest release by Violent Romance. Musician and producer August Jakobsen, aka Violent Romance, slows electronic beats while using atmospheric keys and dubby pulses for his latest creation ‘Just Enough’. The original version shows Violent Romance’s unique brand of elegant deep chill with a twist. Accompanying remix from Oiram Gar infuses the track with a basey futurism, while Charles Moset takes the dub to another level with his interpretation. Releasing on not-for-profit record label ‘NifuNifa Records’; proceeds from sales of the Just Enough EP will go, in full, to the label’s chosen children’s education charity of the year – Borntolearn in Tanzania for 2016.

Released July 11, 2016

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