Armela began to approach electronic music at a very young age with friends involved in the music scene. Since 2015 she is based in Barcelona. Her style is versatile, she likes to explore further and vary genres. Her focus is to connect with the people and lead them on anemotional journey. She played in places …

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Enzo Leep

Enzo Leep is undoubtedly one of the most promising Spanish artists. Enzo, has exhibited his Live Act in cities like Berlin, Venezia, Zurich, Barcelona, Kiev, Munich, Madrid, Liverpool, Moscow or St. Petersburg among others. He has released many songs in labels like Get Physical, Suruba X, Bla Bla or Cyclic to name a few, and …

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Music & Tapas for Change!

NifuNifa Records will be supporting Can Pedro’s Solidarity Tapas event in Barcelona from Oct 1-4. Suru Plus2 will be kicking off the music on day-1 (Oct 1st) from 7-11pm, established NifuNifa resident Oiram Gar will be spicing up the afternoon on day-3 (Oct 3rd) from 12-3:30pm, and our co-founder Nordin Marzok (AKA – CUS CUS) …

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Paco Malasombra


From 2002 until today, between lights and shadows, Paco Malasombra has played in many clubs around Spain like Row14, Apolo Club, Begood (Barcelona), Destino Pacha (Ibiza), and Industrial Copera (Granada) among others.   He has also played in festivals like Sonar+D, Rocket Festival, Explum, ExpoDj BCN, WoodsPark, Harmonia, FreshPark. As a producer, Paco is a regular …

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Suru Plustwo

Hailing from London, with African heritage, Suru Plustwo stands out. Never afraid to ‘go deep’ or keep it ‘light and bouncy’, he picks apart, and artfully infuses together, all the kinds of music he loves best. Primarily, his musical influence stems from his upbringing in the cultural melting pot which is London. Vast sounds from …

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Violent Romance

Musician and producer August Jakobsen, aka Violent Romance and APP, slows electronic beats way down, using atmospheric keys and dubby pulses to create deep chill out with a twist. The August experience is organic and understated, as spacious ambient sounds entwine with soulful vocals and textured, subtle melodies. He is also a part of the …

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Pepe Suárez, aka Unknowk, is a DJ and producer originating from Almería, in the south of Spain, where he discovered his passion for electronic music more than 12 years ago. Unknowk truly loves house music, from deep to tech, and from the heart to the dance floor. In 2010, Unknowk moved into production, using his …

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T.W.I.C.E. originates as a collaboration between V.Rotz and Skinnybone Love, both artists born out of Flumo Netlabel. Skinnybone Love ( aka Photoclick ) has developed his work within the most ambient and experimental side of electronic music. For his part, V.Rotz ( aka Nicson ) has always focused his production firmly on the dance-floor. The …

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Suso Flores

Born In A Coruña, Suso Flores migrated to London in 2005 to evolve musically and to study what he loves most. Since then, Suso has taken a more technical approach and has used his deeper knowledge of music to present his emotion through his songs. He has played DJ and live sets around Europe in …

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Oiram Gar

Mario Garcia Alegre, aka Oiram Gar, began his career playing downbeat and deep-house in the pioneering venues of Spain’s two cultural hubs; Madrid and Barcelona. However, it was a move to the musical melting pot of London in 2002 that allowed him to make his name and had a significant impact on Mario’s already eclectic …

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