Dixie Yure

Pedro de Tena is Dixie Yure. He was born in Sevilla in 1978. Cook by profession and a musician by vocation, he begins to make music together with his childhood friend Ezequiel Sanchez, with whom he composes the duo ”PoliBueno-PoliMalo”. DIXIE YURE is a project that he combines with the task of mixing engineer and mastering. Pedro signed several references with friends NORDIK & FLUMO.

Dixie Yure is a project that combines with the task of mixing engineer and mastering
Released November 10, 2014

Dixie Yure

The first-ever launched EP on Nifu Nifa records brand new charitable project comes from the hands of Dixie Yure, an extremely talented producer from Seville. He hits the spot by using fresh, slow, and blunt organic house and brings his magic into Jokma Hawk: a bit more than 7 minutes of pure groove pang of delight. Yure’s touch is depicted through the perfect equation: sharp synthes, unusual tonalities and melodies, and several percussive elements that reply as electric echoes on jaw-dropping cohesion.

The first of the remixes has Ekkohaus’ signature on, taking a turn into the deep side, being anyhow a straight-to-the dancefloor wink. Violent Romance’s give a more teach-house approach to the subject, whereas Unknown and Aktorse’s take flirts with a more atmospheric techno sound.

Ultimately, Jokma Hawk EP is solid, sounds big, and counts on a bunch of great artists who have tagged along on collaborating with an important social project: to build a better future for the ones who are in need.

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