Nicaragua, Granada

Education Plus

Nifu Nifa Records is looking forward to a progressive 2017 with new music, new events and a new children’s education charity partner – Education Plus. More than just a school, Education Plus provides its children all the resources and opportunities they need to survive and even thrive in one of the most challenging urban environments in the world.

Education Plus based its campus ‘Casa de los Sueños’ in Pantanal, an urban ghetto of the edge of the city of Granada and one of the poorest places in Nicaragua. A hub for crime, violence and drug abuse, Pantanal has become the source of majority of Granada’s criminals, child prostitutes and street children, according to the Nicaraguan Ministry of Family.

The Education Plus mission is to provide the children of Pantanal, Nicaragua with food, education, and activities in order to eliminate malnutrition, instil core values, and give them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their impoverished circumstances. They hope their work can help these children lift themselves out of the poverty cycle, and we at Nifu Nifa Records want to do everything we can to help.

As our charity partner for 2017, Education Plus will receive 100% of profits from Nifu Nifa Record’s digital releases and fund raising events. The Nifu Nifa team will also be visiting Education Plus in Pantanal in October, to run activities and workshops for the children. Keep up-to-date with all our new music and upcoming events.

Education Plus mission is to help children lift themselves out of the poverty cycle

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