Ezequiel Sanchez

Ezequiel Sánchez was born in Cáceres, Spain, in 1977. At an early age, he moved to Seville where he first came in contact with electronic music. In 1998 he began experimenting with production using Fasttracker II software, creating his first non-published demos.

Personal reasons kept Ezequiel away from the music for several years, but he returned in 2006 forming production duo Poli Bueno – Poli Malo, with his childhood friend Pedro de Tena (Dixie Yure). Poli Bueno – Poli Malo’s productions are characterised by the strength and elegance of the base, within a pure Deep House style, and a touch of the deepest American House.

Ezequiel has been remixed by the greatest artists in electronic music, such as Jay Haze, Catz’n’Dogs, and Bother’s Vibe, among others. He has also remixed tracks, from artists as renowned as Xenis Beliayeva, one of the leading producers in the Techno scene.
Currently, Ezequiel manages XY Mastering, a recognised mastering studio in Andalusia, Spain.

He began experimenting with production using fasttracker II software
Released February 9, 2015

Ezequiel Sanchez

Nifu Nifa Records keeps on running with its second release, this time rich with the most elegant deep-house sounds from Abraham Ruíz.

‘A long day’ is the first track on the EP by the Almería based producer, and is surely beat quality but also soft on the groove, making a great combination. Nurtured from a more atmospheric groove, Ezequiel Sánchez offers a precise remix full of contrast, which closes the EP as it steps out on to the red carpet. The project, driven by Nordin Marzok, Juan Jesús Maya, and Pepe Suárez, also from Almería, has its main goal of helping children who are not able to attend school. All profits will be donated to charitable causes.

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