Hassan Abou Alam

Hassan Abou Alam (Egypt) got his start on the Rapid Fire Records imprint at the age of 15 and now, 6 years later, has emerged as a world-class producer specializing in the darker side of the techno genre. Hassan’s dark brooding techno has always been inspired by Larry Powers (MIDI Life Records Owner) who he considers as a mentor. Hassan has worked with MIDI Life Records his main imprint, and other record labels such as London Music, Dub Records, Rapid Fire Records, and Trioxyde Records to name a few.

His dark brooding techno has always been inspired by Larry Powers
Released September 7, 2015

Hassan Abou Alam

The charity project run by Nifu Nifa Records continues bringing the music to children in Egypt, and with this motto, releasing its fourth installment. This time the artists in charge are Dr Palunski & Mr Kroup, aka Charles Mostet and Oiram Gar. Moset brings to the EP his own brand of house, deep-techno, dub, broken beats, and disco to the team, while Oiram Gar adds his continuously evolving diversity and originality to the mix. Neverwhere is the track that names it, which counts on remixes by the producers Suso Flores and Hassan Abou Alam.

With his interpretation of Neverwhere, Hassan Abou Alam is in charge of adding the techno approach to this fourth release on Nifu Nifa Records. Alam introduces metallic, darker and more mysterious sounds, but he still manages to keep the essence and the rhythm of the original, making it the most dancefloor oriented out of the three. The intensity of the synth melody after the break down makes your ears engaged until the very last beat.

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