Holed Coin

Holed Coin is born from two opposing musical tendencies: José’s electronic music production and María’s classical music education. Thanks to a shared passion for jazz and blues, the two producers decided to embark together on this unique musical project.

Holed Coin incorporates jazz, blues, soul, and everything that surrounds them. Their tracks reflect their broad non-electronic influences combined with minimal touches and deep elements. The dedicated duo lives in a continuous search for creativity and the perfect sound.

Holed Coin’s music does not follow a traditional pattern, nor can it be classified by a specific genre. The pair also enjoys collaborating with other musicians, and they always bring a touch of improvisation and quality to their live shows.

The dedicated duo lives in a continuous search for creativity and the perfect sound
Released November 4, 2016

Holed Coin

Nifu Nifa Records comes back in this 2016 with a very special EP, Dreaming About Noise, from the Spanish pair Holed Coin. We have been captivated by their creativity. Their sound flows with a unique and personal style bucking the trend.

Dreaming About Noise is formed by three original tracks:

Romantic Techno is dominated by elegant melodies and flows with a combination of precise percussion with irresistible groove.

Algo Tímido (Joaquín Lobo Bass) is the most melodic track in this EP. You’ll be hypnotised by its sensual vocals, perfectly accompanied by trippy synths, as well as the harmony between the ambient lines and the bass by the artist Joaquín Lobo Bass – a special collaborator for this duet.

Words And Smiles is the fantastic culmination to this EP. We love the reverberated, warm vocals and the piano that follows throughout, marking the main melody. This tune evolves, developing an aggressive beat that breaks the mould alongside the striking sound of the mute trumpet.

We are sure Dreaming About Noise will leave no one indifferent. We invite you to take a listen, to be surprised and to enjoy this impressive EP.

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