Music & Tapas for Change!

NifuNifa Records will be supporting Can Pedro’s Solidarity Tapas event in Barcelona from Oct 1-4. Suru Plus2 will be kicking off the music on day-1 (Oct 1st) from 7-11pm, established NifuNifa resident Oiram Gar will be spicing up the afternoon on day-3 (Oct 3rd) from 12-3:30pm, and our co-founder Nordin Marzok (AKA – CUS CUS) will be behind the decks on day-4 (Oct 4th) from 2-3pm, helping close out a wonderful charity event!

As part of the Hostafrancs Festival, and thanks to the collaboration of young chefs, 15 musicians (including NifuNifa residents), 90 volunteers, and a range of generous sponsors, the Canpedró Foundation organizes this event for tasting great tapas, sampling great music, and supporting a very worthy cause.

The aim of this event is to raise money to fund the Petits Dinars project, which covers the basic food, leisure, socio-cultural, and school needs of the children of the center’s users when there is no school, which is more than half the year. This charity service is needed more this year than any year before, and we encourage our community to get involved in any way they can.

Following the launch of our Solidarity Album in April, we support Can Pedro’s Solidarity Tapas event and others that are helping support vulnerable people in our home town of Barcelona, and around the world!

Canpedró Fundació

Tapa Solidaria

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Giving to charity is great — not just for the recipients but for the givers, too...
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