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Nifu NiFestival

Nifu NiFestival is a charity fundraising event taking place in London on 16th September 2017 at Number 177 Bar & Kitchen, in Hoxton. The event will bring together leading musicians and street artists from London’s underground music and art scenes, to support a wonderful children’s charity in Nicaragua.

Starting at midday, there will be a variety of workshops for kids and adults of all ages, such as making Music with Toys by Suso Flores, Yoga for Kids and Vinyl Record Painting. There’ll also be a raffle with fantastic prizes up for grabs, some valued over £100.

There will also be an art auction with exclusive pieces from well-known street artists, while fantastic live bands and electronic musicians play through the afternoon and into the evening.


For the love of music

There will be live acts from bands and musicians throughout the day, as well as the DJs of the Nifu Nifa collective, our collaborators and some very special guests.

For the love of art

The event will also host some of London’s top street artists including; Fabianski Buttsford, Iker GB and Anna Laurini. Artists will be providing artworks for an exclusive auction, where you could pay charity for a masterpiece.

For the love of giving

All money collected from the raffle, workshops, other activities, and donation boxes, as well as a portion of the food and drinks, will go to Nifu Nifa’s chosen charity for this year: Education Plus – more than just a school, they help support children extremely challenging circumstances, and we want to help them.

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