Suru Plustwo

Hailing from London, with African heritage, Suru Plustwo stands out. Never afraid to ‘go deep’ or keep it ‘light and bouncy’, he picks apart, and artfully infuses together, all the kinds of music he loves best. Primarily, his musical influence stems from his upbringing in the cultural melting pot which is London. Vast sounds from across the globe, the Caribbean, Africa, India, Japan, Latin America to name a few, soundtracked a rather peculiar childhood. You can hear these influences, ever treacling into his sound today. 

Suru has the art of ‘warming up’ a room, down to a tee, and has supported many internationally known acts and DJ’s over the years, such as ‘Hot Chip’ (a DJ set in Hong Kong), Solomun, Soul Clap, Nicolas Jaar, Jamie Jones, Cassy, Dyed Soundorom, Atjazz, Damian Lazarus, Art Department, and Floyd Lavine to name just a few. 

Suru serves up a cacophony of sound ranging from deep, melodic electronic to raw, gritty, sometimes obscure grooves always with a feel-good and play-like quality. Suru can be described as a ‘true digger’ with an enviable collection of music, many countless hours spent scouring, studying, discovering and acquiring an arsenal of gems, be sure you’re ready for a musical excursion! 

“For me, music is communication, an expressive dialogue portraying emotions between people, a DJ and a dancefloor, Suru Plustwo delivers just that. It’s all about the mood and a deep groove… playing those tracks that get you nodding, tapping and dancing before you realize it! All regardless of genre, style, tempo or release date”.

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